Screenprinting T-shirts

We Know Sportfishing!
95% of the apparel we do is for the spotfishing industry. We know what prints best as well as what is going to work in your business strategy. We do all the artwork in house and provide all inclusive flat rate packages.   When you call us, we don’t try to confuse you  with the technical terms of the industry. You want shirts done right and that’s what we do.

Our Designers Can’t Be Beat
You won’t find a better designer in the industry for your sportfishing brand. Just check out our logos. Not only do we have the best illustrators for fish species, boats, etc – our entire team of marketing experts including our CEO come together to ensure we all agree on the final product. Never is your brand or product rushed when working with us.

Flat Rate Pricing
We don’t charge you setup fees, layout fees, color fees. etc. This is completely BS in an industry full of competitors trying to get your business and the some. Instead we have packages that you can choose from. Example, HOOKED UP comes with custom logo design, 72 Full Color shirts and 6 hats all for a flat price.   We are talking shirts, not SEO.

Only The Best Quality Products
How often have you received a promotional shirt only to have it shrink like crazy after washing and the logo faded immediately. Or a shirt that just doesn’t fit correctly? Well, in order for the screen printers to make more money, they will try to sell you shirts that cost them practically nothing, without reducing your cost. Not us, we will advise you on the best quality shirts including brands such as Next Level, Denali, Alertnative, Bell Canvas and More.

Shipping Anywhere In The World
Trust that you have found the best for your sportfishing brand and just because we are located in Miami, doesn’t mean you won’t get the same exact service as if you can into our location. We ship anywhere in the world and you guessed it – a flat rate fee! We also box and fold your apparely properly so when you get them, they can be given direclty to customers or for staff.

Rush Services Available
If you are anything like most of our cusotmers, you want your gear fast. And we can accomodate. By having multiple machines and a staff that works 24 hours a day, we are able to provide extreme rush services in case your have an event or marketing campaign approaching fast.

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