Search Engine Marketing

We are great at many things in the digital marketing area, but we are outstanding in search engine marketing (SEM).  In fact, we don’t develop websites or even take on projects that do not focus on getting business from the major search engines.  It is our speciality and generally the cheapest cost per lead to gain new customers.

Our CEO, Michael is a Google Badged and Certified Partner.  While this certification is getting more common these days, you can guarantee that you won’t find another SEM manager that knows the guiding industry as well as him.

Unfortunately, we can’t take on everyone and generally we work with up to 3 clients per area depending on the traffic and budgets available (sometimes only 1!).

Our team works daily on your account to get you the lowest cost per lead.  Whether they come from Google, Yahoo, Bing or Facebook, we are constantly leading the way to the highest ROI for our clients.

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