Don’t Call It A Website…

Calling what we do “website design” really devalues our mission. We prefer, “Digital Poetry”.

You see, there are millions of “web designers” out there and some that are VERY good. But designing a website is such a small part of what it takes to be successful online. The real magic is telling the story and only someone that works with the entire platform can have a true understanding for what works to generate their clients more business. We’re talking about SEO, PPC, SEM, Coding, Programming, Video, Content, Print Graphics, Screen Printing, Etc.

A website is no more than a business card online competing against millions of others. But add award winning content with a story told correctly and all of a sudden you have an “online asset” that works for you while you are sleeping.

And that is what we do for our clients. We build digital stories that lead customers to BUY! Nothing is an accident when we jump into Photoshop and start a website from scratch. It is a highly technical process led by highly educated business persons.

In our latest project, we decided it was time to refresh Captain David and his brand “Lady Pamela Sportfishing“. One of his competitors drastically copied his website and while “imitation is the highest form of flattery”, this one just wasn’t sitting well with us.

You be the judge:

We tell all our clients that you can get about 4 to 5 years out of your current website strategy. In the world of digital marketing, strategies are changing so fast that if you don’t adapt, you are left behind. In Captain David’s instance, he was right on that border, but the copycat really pushed us to crank out something a bit faster as these companies are DIRECT COMPETITORS.

We got the team together and brainstormed for a MONTH on exactly what Captain David needed in order to increase conversion rates and over all ROI.

When we finally made it to photoshop, the idea was already there even on a blank pallet. We all knew what the final product was going to be, but it was time to draw it up, 100% custom!

And here is what we came up with:

A beautiful engaging website online asset that has technical features that are too long to mention in this article. And we are constantly updating the site to include things like video, fishing reports and articles.

Lady Pamela Sportfishing

It is… “Digital Poetry”.

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