Be Original, Don't Copy.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated!

As a niche specific media company, we bring solutions to fishing guides and the outdoors industry that most other firms simply can’t come close on.   Believe me, they try… but still miss.

Our small team of designers, coders and business professionals have come up with a formula that works and it is expected that our competitors will sniff around and try to duplicate our work.  By working with the best in the industry, we are constantly testing new strategies that keep us far ahead.  After all our CEO wrote the book on this industry (Read it!).

Each website and logo goes through a very specific process to ensure our clients get a digital marketing product that is custom fit to their business and not a “one size fits all”.  A marketing firm is only as strong as it’s process and looking at other sites and businesses for ideas is far from our process.

When our competitors try to copy our products and services, they are missing the mark on why it is important to tailor a client-specific digital product.  By trying duplicate what we have created for one of our clients, they lose that originality that customers can pick up on. Reputation is everything these days and do you really want to start by using someone else’s marketing materials?

I get it though. Why re-create the wheel? If it’s working and we are so bad ass, than why not just follow the leader? Well it’s just that, we are the leader.

Recently one of our clients, let us know about a competitor who had just launched a strikingly similar site.  Everything from the colors, phone number placement, kid-friendly target audience, sliders, etc!  And as expected they are a direct competitor for our client.

In fact, we aren’t mad and neither is our client? Why?  We are so far ahead and we aren’t spending any time looking at our competitors.  In fact, we created this website about 3 years ago.  And we are in the process of a new one for our client as many things have changed.

Trying to hide our secret sauce from competitors is not time well spent by our company. We book over 3x as many trips as most fishing guides using strategies that are common sense to us, but not others.

So let them try to imitate us. We are working harder and smarter each day.  We are results driven.  The website is only one piece of our formula marketing product.

If you are looking to revamp your website or get started in this business, be original with us.



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